In a world that is spinning forever faster and with an increased expectation of always being available, there is a sense of being caught in the hamster wheel with no escape. However, no one has unlimited energy and our brain sometimes needs a break in order to focus and function effectively.

Mindfulness is an approach to life. It is a form of stress management, mental training, awareness training where you practise focusing on one thing, regardless of the circumstances. As part of our mindfulness training, we also practise a non-judgemental approach to life, ie creating distance and awareness of our own thoughts, becoming observers of our own thoughts.

Many studies have shown that mindfulness and mental training have positive effects on the brain. Among other things, it leads to increased focus and a greater ability to concentrate, lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels, better sleep and an improved immune response, more energy and increased quality of life. It is well known that the brain has a neuroplastic ability and adapts itself to mental training, and it has been seen that the activity in the brain’s emergency centre, the amygdala, decreases after regular mindfulness practice. Many people report making better decisions and having more energy as a result of their practice.

Many businesses and organisations use mindfulness as part of their wellbeing programmes for staff and managers. Some examples include Google, hospitals and health centres, schools and the US police.

The eight-week course we offer is based on the teachings of mindfulness founder Jon Kabat Zinn. You’ll find all the details listed under ‘Courses’.

We are all a part of Mother Earth, all energies and the world seeking balance. When we are balanced we find a harmony within us which takes us where we are meant to go.

Spiritual Guidance

I offer, psychic session and group session. My background in behavioural science teamed with my psychic ability gives me a solid foundation for helping you resolve issues in your life and relationships.

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Experience craniosacral therapy, neuroenergetic psychology, psychological acupressure and regression therapy. Contact me or read more to get information about what is best for you.

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For Your Pet

The purpose of the conversation is that animals and humans should get good cooperation and understanding for each other. I also offer healing and craniosacral therapy for animals.

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