The Last Shamans: A French Documentary

February 15th is the premiere of the French documentary I'm participating in. I had a sneak peek when José and Emmanuelle were here, there are such lovely pictures and Emma's red thread is spun from the most fragile silk, and with the most beautiful luster. It's important not only for us forest samis, but for our entire culture to tell our story. Mine and Peter's diligent journey as peaceful warriors. For our shamanic tradition. Our origins and culture. It's worth seeing. Thank you Emmanuelle Eyles for hearing us out.

Summary "Laponie: les derniers chamanes"

At a time of great change, from a region located 200 km north of the polar circle, two Sami shamans deliver their sacred keys to reconnect with the Earth and the invisible. Present for 9,000 years, the Sami are the last indigenous people in Europe. Their number continues to decrease, there are only 17,000 in northern Sweden, and their shamans, persecuted for four centuries by Swedish colonists, are still in hiding today.

Only 50 Sami ancestral drums are kept worldwide in Western collections, all the others having been burned. In this film, shamans Peter and Lena overcome age-old fears to courageously bring their teachings to light.

A dive into their worlds, their uses and secrets that now urgently need to be shared.

An original creation to discover from February 15 on INREES TV.

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