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Love and support from the other side

I have been medial since childhood and have always had comfort and advice from the other side. In 2007 I started the company Good Energies, and have long experience as a coach and medium.

In my Sami homesteads, I'm called Nåjda - freely translated, it means shaman. My academic background is behavioral science and I have worked with people in different contexts throughout my professional life.

My guides on the other side give me daily help and with their love and support, I drive the business. We are a team.

We are all a part of Mother Earth, all energies and the world seeking balance. When we are balanced we find a harmony within us which takes us where we are meant to go.

Spiritual Guidance

I offer, psychic session and group session. My background in behavioural science teamed with my psychic ability gives me a solid foundation for helping you resolve issues in your life and relationships.

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Experience craniosacral therapy, neuroenergetic psychology, psychological acupressure and regression therapy. Contact me or read more to get information about what is best for you.

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For Your Pet

The purpose of the conversation is that animals and humans should get good cooperation and understanding for each other. I also offer healing and craniosacral therapy for animals.

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